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Expanding China sales channels and footprint


Engagement Rationale: We served as the strategic advisor and Virtual China Sales Team for a leading industrial heat technology company. Prior to working with our team, the Client had two offices in China but was narrowly focused on a few customers in the fiberglass industry. We leveraged our extensive relationships and market analysis capabilities to enable the Client to access top customers across eight additional end markets.

Technology Analysis

While the Client’s technology is clearly superior for certain applications, it is unfamiliar to Chinese customers. Our team member’s strong engineering capabilities enabled the project team to identify attractive end markets and effectively sell to customers most receptive to key selling features such as energy saving and emission control.

Customer and Channel Development

We identified and called on top customers within key markets, including petrochemical, steel, and heavy machinery. We deployed senior team members to channel partners such as design institutes to explore immediate cooperation opportunities and build long-term relationships.

Competitors Analysis

The Client faces fierce competition in China from both foreign and domestic Chinese companies. Our team gained information about the competitors directly from their personnel as well as indirectly from their customers. Intelligence about pricing, technology, and strategy helped to shape the Client’s strategy.

Establish China Factory

The next step of the China strategy is to establish a manufacturing facility in China to serve local customers. We plan to advise the Client on key issues including site selection, company registration, facility and equipment build-out, hiring and training of staff, etc.

Instead of only opportunistic sales, our team helped the Client proactively attack markets and channels where it can most successfully expand its China business.