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Representative Projects

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ClientAdvisory ServicesVirtual OfficeValue Created
Cardiac surgery products manufacturer tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif

  • Helped the company expand its penetration and footprint in the China market, including identifying new market opportunities and value-added transactions and alliances
Fluid recycling service provider tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif
  • Assessed the China market for the client's service offerings in solar, hydraulic fracturing and aluminum cold rolling, and facilitated sales leads
  • Performed competitive assessments and explored cooperation opportunities with other market participants
Heating equipment and controls manufacturer tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif
  • Developed growth strategy to help China operation penetrate the China solar polysilicon market
  • Planning and executing build-out of new production facility in Shanghai to serve China market
Engine emissions technology company tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif  
  • Identified potential technology partners for our client's diesel engine China IV emission solution
  • Helped the client plan the next phase of their China strategy based on the technologies and capabilities available in the market
Cardiovascular surgical products manufacturer tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif
  • Ongoing assignment to develop the company's China market entry strategy, including building relationships with top heart centers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and driving regulatory approvals
Non-profit repository for biological products tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif
  • Interviewed Chinese customers to evaluate service improvement opportunities
  • Identified, assessed, and recommended distribution partners to increase the client's market penetration
Diesel engine components manufacturer tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif
  • China acquisition increased revenue by 10%
  • Built relationships with six leading Chinese customers and managed highly technical product development programs
Hybrid natural gas/diesel engine manufacturer tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif
  • Identified a unique and compelling opportunity for the company to enter into a strategic partnership with a publicly listed Chinese company who is the largest player in its sector in China
Industrial heat technology manufacturer tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif
  • Helping the company expand from just the fiberglass industry into petrochemical, steel, glass, aluminum, and heavy machinery
Specialty copper alloy manufacturer tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif
  • Introduced new processing technology into China and developed relationships with 11 Chinese customers across three key end markets
Building automation and security products distributor tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif
  • Sourced over 100 products across 6 product categories generating more than 35-60% ongoing cost savings for the company
  • Developing China go-to-market strategy and building relationships with anchor customers
Wood products manufacturer tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif
  • Established manufacturing facility in Harbin, China, which enabled the company to shift 25% of its production to China to lower costs
  • Sourced products that generated over $1 million and 25% cost savings for the company
Electronic components designer and manufacturer tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif
  • Secured 30+ new Chinese customers and 50+ new orders
  • Sourced 8 products generating more than 40% ongoing cost savings for the company
U.S. private equity firm tl_files/cms_themes/images/dot_blue.gif
  • Results of financial and operational due diligence on Chinese target company gave the investor confidence to move forward and close the transaction on the best terms