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Drive towards leadership in structural heart disease

tl_files/case_studies/pic_1.jpgEngagement Rationale: We served as the strategic advisor for a leading publicly-listed U.S. cardiac surgery products company. The Client already had well-respected products in the market and a solid local team, but needed new strategic paths to achieve leadership position in the highly competitive and specialized cardiac surgery field. Our team helped the Client identify and pursue an attractive set of market opportunities and value-added transactions and alliances.

Qualitative Market Analysis

The full range of market participants were interviewed to understand the market dynamic and craft strategic options to be tested via qualitative analysis. Interviews covered cardiac surgeons, hospital administrators, sales representatives, distributors, and cardiac surgery products manufacturers across three tiers of cities (including Shanghai and Beijing), different sizes of hospitals, and five provinces (Guangdong, Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, and Shandong).

Identification of Multiple Growth Paths

Our team identified a diverse range of growth paths for the Client to leverage the China market to gain scale and add complimentary assets, in order to deliver a broader set of products to the cardiac surgery community, including acquiring Chinese companies, partnering with U.S. and European companies to distribute related products into China, joint technical development with Chinese companies, and selling Chinese companies’ products through the Client’s U.S. and European channels.

Growth Strategy Assessment and Recommendation

An iterative strategy development, refinement, and testing process was facilitated incorporating participants from across multiple departments of the Client. Strategic options were developed based on qualitative research findings, the Client’s global business goals, risk/reward profiles of the growth path options, and the Client’s resource availability and capability to support successful execution of the growth strategy.

Our team analyzed market opportunities from multiple stakeholder, geographic, and transaction perspectives to devise actionable and creative growth paths for the Client.