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Capturing growth in a new market

tl_files/case_studies/pic_6.jpgEngagement Rationale: We served as the strategic advisor and Virtual China Sales Team for one of the largest copper alloy companies in the U.S. The 100+ year old company had reached saturation in the U.S. and faced a flat to declining market as its customers steadily migrated overseas. Our team quickly learned the ins-and-outs of the China copper market and helped the Client develop and execute a direct-to-market sales strategy that put the company on a new growth trajectory.

Market Analysis

Our market analysis revealed an opportunity for the Client to take advantage of a “technology gap” in the China market. A shift in processing technology had occurred in the U.S. years earlier with the Client at the forefront, but China was still largely using the old technology. The Client could now leverage its technical advantage to compete against local players.

Customer Development

Copper alloy is a critical material for a wide range of industrial applications. We covered all the key markets, penetrating a diverse group of customers in automotive, aerospace, fire equipment, capital equipment, machining, hydraulics, gears, axis, etc.

Channel Strategy

We learned that the Client’s product category is inventoried and distributed differently in China versus the U.S. Applying the same channel strategy in China would not have been successful. Instead, our team custom tailored the Client’s approach to deliver the right offerings to the right target customers.

Strategic Partnerships

We helped the Client selectively assess strategic partnerships with Chinese companies that would significantly grow the top line as well as expand margins. Not surprisingly, there were risks that we carefully analyzed and complicated negotiations that we led on behalf of the Client.

By taking advantage of the "technology gap" and crafting a new way to go to market, we helped the Client write a new chapter in its long and successful history.