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China, with its rising middle-class, prolific government spending on public works and healthcare infrastructure, keen interest in new technologies, and ever-improving production capabilities, presents a tremendous "operational lever" for Western companies to increase sales of products and services and “right-size” their cost structure to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

However, companies face a multitude of challenges as they look to take their first steps into China or expand their existing operations.  There are different "rules of the game", sharp cultural differences, and potentially high start-up costs.  The challenges range from the strategic - are we pursuing the right opportunities, to the tactical – are we taking the right steps to achieve our objectives?

Highlink believes there is no "one-size fits all" approach to creating value in the China corridor.  Our clients have distinctive business needs, face unique market dynamics and competitive pressures, and may be at different stages of their strategy.  We have worked with companies at different stages of their China market development, as shown below:


For each of our clients, we understand their business and how China impacts the success of their business.  We identify the problem, the risk, the opportunity, and importantly, how that risk can be turned into opportunity.  With our mission clearly defined, we leverage our extensive market experience, on-the-ground presence, and relationships with key local stakeholders to help each of our clients develop the strategic action plan to attack the China market.  Our clients are then able to build their China infrastructure accordingly (with Highlink’s assistance if necessary) and effectively build and deploy their resources toward the best opportunities.

Highlink’s Advisory Services help our clients overcome the multi-faceted challenges inherent in the market and steer their business onto the right path to long-term success in China.