Growing China sales and operations


Diesel engine components manufacturer

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Capturing growth in a new market


Specialty copper alloy manufacturer

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Chinese customers place great importance on suppliers having a China office and staff that can understand and respond quickly to their needs.  Highlink has experienced on-the-ground resources, knows the Chinese market, and can start immediately.

Our Virtual Sales Office works on behalf and alongside our clients to cultivate anchor customers and multiple sales channels in China.  We work with companies that have market-leading products/services and breakthrough technologies.  Our team taps into our existing networks and executes sales and marketing campaign to build new relationships, always emphasizing key selling features of our clients’ product/service offering. 

Highlink ensures the clients' senior management has real-time information about market dynamics, resource needs/constraints, and competitive pressures, so the best decisions can be made.  We also incorporate our expertise in Advisory Services to strengthen our clients’ strategic position to maximize their sales opportunity in China.