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Improving China distribution for biological products

tl_files/case_studies/microscope3.jpgEngagement Rationale: We served as the China sales and distribution advisor for a non-profit U.S. organization that archives and distributes biological products to researchers globally.  Their customers in China were complaining about the cost and inefficiency of their China distribution model.  Highlink was engaged to establish a repeatable, transparent, low-cost and time-efficient China distribution and customs clearance process.

Process Documentation

Our team contacted a sampling of the Client's China customers to understand their concerns and performed research to comprehend the difficulties with their current process.  Particular attention was given to the documentation and verification process required to ensure efficient customs clearance.  This process is critical due to the time-sensitive nature of the biological product.

Partner Screening

Highlink identified, screened and contacted several potential Client partners:  trading companies that have the appropriate licenses, logistics providers and customs brokers.  We presented the Client with the advantages and disadvantages of working with each screened partner and facilitated meetings between the Client and partners.

Cost Analyses and Negotiations

Our team obtained quotations from the screened partners and analyzed each solution using a cost and process model developed with the Client.  The Client relied on Highlink to act as their bi-lingual, on-the-ground team to follow-up and negotiate with the partners.


Working closely with the Client, Highlink helped to identify two potential solutions to their distribution and customs clearance process.  Highlink helped the Client to set-up test shipments for each solution to validate the improvements.

The Client's China distribution and customs clearance problems were affecting their brand image globally and Highlink partnered with the Client to identify solutions.