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Expanding China footprint and market access

tl_files/case_studies/Cx power plant pic 80x80.jpgEngagement Rationale: We are serving as the strategic advisor and Greenfield Team for a leading industrial heating equipment and controls company.  Prior to working with us, the Client had a representative office in China but was narrowly focused from an end-market perspective and served Chinese customers from its U.S. and European facilities.  We are leveraging our relationships and strong execution capabilities to help the Client penetrate additional fast-growing end-markets in China and build out its operational infrastructure in China to serve local customers.

Market Analysis

Our team analyzed the end-markets that the Client is strong in globally and whether they present attractive opportunities in China.  Discussions were held with potential customers and distributors in five fast-growing end-markets to identify trends and sales leads.

Customer and Channel Development

Our team pinpointed several projects in the target end- markets with short-term needs for the Client’s products.  We engaged in discussions with direct end-users and design institutes to explore immediate cooperation opportunities and build long-term relationships.

Competitors Analysis

The Client faces fierce competition in China from both foreign and domestic Chinese companies.  We gained information about the competitors directly from their personnel as well as indirectly from their customers.  Intelligence about pricing, technology, and strategy helped to shape the Client’s strategy.

Infrastructure Development

An integral aspect of the China strategy is to establish the optimal infrastructure to meet local customers’ needs.  We are working closely with the Client’s US and China teams to develop this infrastructure, including manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, financial planning, human resources, etc.

We are helping the Client proactively attack markets and channels to expand its China platform and build the infrastructure to support the ramp-up of the China business.