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Growing China sales and operations

tl_files/case_studies/pic_3.jpgEngagement Rationale: Our team helped a leading U.S. engine components designer and manufacturer grow its China sales and operational platform.  The Client’s technology and manufacturing know-how are unmatched by Chinese competitors, making China the key market for the company’s future growth.  We leveraged our relationships in the China transportation industry and sales/marketing and engineering capabilities to help the Client quickly expand its China footprint.

Devise China Strategy

Our team leveraged its contacts in the China automotive and commercial vehicles sectors to assess technical and business trends, regulations, customer preferences, and competitors in order to develop a customized market entry strategy for the Client.

Sales and Product Development

We mapped out key customers and influencers within the various sales channels and developed and executed calling plans for each sales opportunity.  Our team deployed sales and product development specialists to the customers to work through product design and contract issues.

Supply Chain Assessment 

The Client currently manufactures in the U.S. and there are cost saving opportunities from China sourcing.  We identified and qualified Chinese suppliers for export to the Client’s U.S. operation as well as to supply the Client’s China factory.

"Bolt-On" Acquisition 

One aspect of the multi-prong China strategy was to grow through acquisitions.  Our team worked with the Client to identify, due diligence, and negotiate the acquisition of a Chinese company with complimentary product line and operations, immediately adding 10% to the Client’s revenue base.

The Client had the opportunity to take its technology to China and become a market leader, and we served as the trusted partner to make that a reality.