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Broadening medical product distribution in China

tl_files/case_studies/doublehelix.jpegEngagement Rationale: We were engaged by a non-profit, US-based, repository of biological plasmids to explore alternatives for them to improve their customers' experience and expand their distribution in China.  One year prior, we helped this company identify a partner to help them with their China customs clearance and logistics processes - the result was a year over year tripling of China revenue.

Solicit Customer Feedback

We coordinated with our client's co-founder to arrange interviews with their customers in China to understand their experiences when ordering biological materials.

Using a common set of questions developed in conjunction with the client, we visited and interviewed 6 scientists to solicit their feedback regarding their ordering, receiving, usage and purchasing experiences.

Identify Potential Distribution Partners

The customer feedback was used to finalize our client's requirements for distribution partners that could help them achieve the next level of service in China.

We used our industry experience and relationships to identify 9 potential distribution partners for our client and establish key points of contact with each company.

Analyze and Prioritize Distribution Partners

We evaluated each potential China partner against a common set of criteria and prioritized the companies in preparation for a visit to China from our client.

We arranged visits to the 6 highest priority companies - 3 in Shanghai and 3 in Beijing - and accompanied our client.

Facilitate Discussions and Negotiations

Our bi-lingual and cross-cultural team helped facilitate the discussions including real-time translation, document translation and pricing negotiations.

Our client narrowed their options down to 1 high priority and 2 potential distributors, and initiated pilot shipments and final pricing negotiations as a result of our recommendations.

Our previous success led to a follow-on project with the client that helped them understand their China customers' experiences and make informed decisions about potential distribution partners.